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How to Get Free Hulu

You can get Free Hulu by signing up for the Hulu + Live TV plan or the Regular Hulu Plan, each of which can be offered with a Free Trial. Hulu + Live TV offers a free 7-Day trial and the Regular Plan comes with a free first month. Join us as we take you through the full details on getting a Free Trial from Hulu.

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How to Get Free Hulu - What's in this guide?

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Which Hulu Plans Come with a Free Trial?

When selecting a Hulu Package, you can sign up for a Base plan or choose the 'Bundle and Save' option. All three Hulu Base Plans have at times been offered with a Free Trial, including the Ad-Free Hulu Subscription, the Ad-Supported version, and the Hulu + Live TV plan. The Free Trial itself is subject to availability, so be sure to browse Hulu's plans to check what's currently being offered.

What's included in Hulu's 7-Day Free Trial?

As part of their Free Trial offer, Hulu gives you access to the Hulu + Live TV Plan with more than 50 channels. The plan normally costs $44.99 per month, but you'll get a free 7-Day trial during the promotional period. Some of the included channels are live TV and some feature On-Demand programming. The package also comes with full access to Hulu's library of streaming content which is a great perk above and beyond the standard Live TV feature. In addition, you can also customize your account by adding different profiles for your friends and family members, each of whom can get personalized recommendations on what to watch.

What's included in Hulu's 30-Day Free Trial?

The Ad-Free Hulu Plan is normally $12.99 per month but comes with a 30-day Free trial, as does the $6.99 Ad-Supported Version. You'll be able to try either one free for a month with full access to Hulu's programming catalogue, including tons of TV series, movies, and original Hulu content.

Which Hulu Plans Do Not Come with a Free Trial?

The Bundle & Save Hulu Plans provide great value as their content includes programming from Hulu, Disney and ESPN in one convenient package. However these plans do not offer a Free Trial period, so if you're looking to get started with Hulu for free it's best to choose a Hulu Base Plan.

Who can redeem a Hulu Free Trial?

Your eligibility to participate and redeem Hulu's free trial offer depends on multiple factors including which Hulu service you've signed up for and whether or not you've redeemed a Free Trial offer from Hulu in the past. It's not necessarily that a previous Free Trial precludes you from getting a second one, it's just that Hulu wants to make sure you don't take advantage of the system by continually getting multiple free trials without ever paying for the Hulu service. Doing this would be more than an innocent Hulu hack. It would be bilking the system in violation of Hulu's Terms, and it's certainly not recommended. If you are redeeming your Free Trial, keep in mind that it usually cannot be combined with other Hulu offers.

When does my Hulu Free Trial End?

Your Hulu Free trial period end date is based on the particular offer you've signed up for. For example, a 30-day Hulu Free Trial ends 30 days after your initial sign up date. Hulu counts a 'day' according to Eastern Standard Time, so your Free Trial will end at 11:59pm Eastern Time on the final day of your trial period.

Do I need a credit card for Hulu's Free Trial?

You need a credit card in order to sign up for the Hulu Free Trial because by participating in this promotion, you are actually creating a Hulu account and signing up for a paid Hulu subscription. It's actually more like you're becoming a paying customer from the start with a period of free service in the beginning of your paid membership. If you want to ensure you don't pay for Hulu's service at all, you'll need to formally and proactively cancel your service. For this reason it's important to cancel your Hulu membership prior to the end of the trial period if you do not want to be charged.

Canceling your Hulu Free Trial

One of the biggest complaints of so-called 'Free' trials is that you have to give over your payment information, exposing yourself to continued billing beyond the Free Trial period. To Hulu's credit, they do explicitly state this in the offer details and they also go into considerable detail about it within their Terms and Conditions. The document is rather dense, but the paragraph about canceling your Hulu Free Trial makes it clear that Hulu won't send you any kind of expiration notice regarding your trial period. You'll just start getting charged for your subscription without any upcoming payment notification or confirmation prompt. In addition, while many other services often let you cancel your free trial immediately after entering your credit card (while still retaining access to the service), Hulu may cancel your access immediately upon cancellation. Since this is not necessarily clear when you start your trial, it creates a disincentive to cancel when you find out later. And that may cause you to become a paying customer.

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