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Get Free Netflix with Tmobile - Start Now

The Free Netflix Tmobile offer is called Netflix on Us, and with it you'll pay as little as $0 for a Basic Netflix subscription and $5 for Netflix Premium. You can get a Tmobile Free Netflix Account just by signing up for any T-Mobile Magenta or ONE plan. T-Mobile will cover up to 100% of your Netflix plan or they will heavily subsidize the cost, depending on which Netflix plan you choose and which T-Mobile plan you're on.

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Get Free Netflix with Tmobile - Start Now - What's in this guide?

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The Tmobile / Netflix Partnership

Netflix and T-Mobile have partnered up to offer free Netflix for T-Mobile customers. You can create a new Netflix or use your existing account, which will reduce the price of your current bill. If you're having trouble linking your T-Mobile account to your Netflix account, it's best to reach out to T-Mobile's customer support at 1-800-937-8997.

T Mobile's Available Netflix Plans

Whether or not the full value of your Netflix subscription will be covered depends on which T-Mobile plan you're currently on and which Netflix subscription you want (or already have). For example, if you're on the T-Mobile Magenta Plan, 100% of the cost of a Netflix Basic subscription will be covered by T-Mobile. Magenta Max plans come with the option of upgrading to Netflix Standard which is also free. If you're on a Magenta Plus plan you'll get Free Netflix Standard or you can upgrade to Netflix Premium for just $5 per month. If you're on a T-Mobile One Plan you can get Netflix Standard for $3 per month or Netflix Premium for $7 per month.

Redemption Processs

In order to redeem your Netflix on Us offer, you'll need to link your T-Mobile account to your Netflix. This actually sets up T-Mobile as your default payment method and they'll be billed monthly instead of you. Keep in mind that if you're redeeming with an existing Netflix account, T-Mobile may not start covering the cost for a couple of months after you've linked your accounts. Also, if there is any difference between the cost of your Netflix subscription and the amount that T-Mobile covers, you'll be responsible for paying it.

Offer Validity

The T Mobile Netflix offer is valid as long as your T-Mobile account is active. If for any reason your account is canceled your Netflix subscription will be paused. One way to avoid this is to keep a valid payment method in your Netflix account at all times. If, for example, you have a valid credit card registered to your Netflix account then you can avoid any Netflix service disruptions that may occur because of a canceled T-Mobile account.

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