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Free Rides with Lyft - Start Here

The most effective way of getting free rides with Lyft is to refer a friend. The promotion works in several cities and is valid on new rider referrals only. This means that if you successfully invite a new Lyft user to the app, you'll both get a free ride worth up to $5. Your friend's credit will appear immediately, but you'll have to wait until your friend completes at least one Lyft ride before you get your credit.

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Free Rides with Lyft - Start Here - What's in this guide?

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Lyft Free Rides

Free Lyft rides are commonly sought out by riders looking to save some money on their trips, and that's why the refer-a-friend program is mutually beneficial for both Lyft and its riders. The way the promotion works is that you'll get a unique code which you can find in your Lyft app. This code identifies you to Lyft and when your friend joins for the first time and enters this code, you'll be credited for the referral. You'll then get a $5 voucher that can be redeemed for a ride. Just keep in mind that your voucher expires 14 days after it's issued. The more you share your code the greater the chance that one of your friends will join, putting you in position to earn many free Lyft rides.

Lyft Codes for Existing Users

In addition to your regular refer-a-friend bonus from Lyft, you can earn another $5 bonus even if you are an existing Lyft User. All you need to do to qualify is to complete 3 Lyft rides in a given month and pay using your World or World Elite Mastercard. Given that this is a double-dip with the regular $5 bonus, this is one of the easiest and most effective Lyft hacks around.

The Best Lyft Free Ride Hack

The best way to hack free rides on Lyft is simply to participate in as many of their rewards-earning offers as possible. Many people have tried to hack their way to free Lyft rides by making multiple email addresses, trying to create the impression that many new users have joined with their unique code. However, Lyft's detection methods are sophisticated enough to identify whether users are truly new, so this is not a recommended hack. Fortunately, Lyft does offer numerous partnerships which enable you to offer rewards from Lyft, including free rides.

Lyft Pink

Lyft Pink offers 15% off all rideshares, among many other benefits. You'll also get a free membership to Grubhub+ or Seamless+ as well as upgrades with Lyft Rentals and many other perks. This is a small but powerful hack toward getting free Lyft rides.

Lyft Chase Credit Card Rewards

Chase Credit Card Rewards isn't exactly a hack, but more of a reverse-engineered way to get Lyft rewards. You'll get rewards that range from 5% cashback to 5x-10x Chase Ultimate Rewards points depending on which Chase Credit Card you have and you can also get a year of Free Lyft Pink if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve or J.P. Morgan Reserve credit card.

Lyft Delta

This is more of a hack for earning Delta SkyMiles than Lyft rides, but nonetheless it works great. You can link your Delta SkyMiles account to your Lyft and you'll start earning 2 miles for every dollar you spend with Lyft. The program was actually upgraded from 1 point per dollar when it originally launched and now packs a more powerful punch than ever.

Lyft Cost Estimate

The best way to find the estimated cost of your Lyft trip is to use Lyft's price-estimator tool which can help clarify the expected cost of an upcoming trip. That being said, to their complex pricing algorithms, it's not always straightforward to estimate the price of a Lyft ride. It's not that Lyft is trying to obscure how these calculations are made, it's just that there are many factors that go into pricing a ride. For example, Lyft's fare combines information on the route taken with the demand for rides at any given particular time. Factors such as the level of ride you've requested and whether or not there is a driver nearby are also considered as are any additional hard costs like tolls, fees and tips.

How to Delete a Lyft Account

It's important to take several factors into consideration before deleting your Lyft account. At a most basic level, your account deletion will remove your ride history, payment methods, and other user-specific information that you may eventually need. We definitely recommend making sure you won't need any receipts or supporting documents for expense reporting or tax purposes, as these typically live inside the app. You may have these in your email as Lyft is very good about sending account-based notifications in real time, but it's always possible that you may have deleted some important emails along the way. If you're a driver, deletion of your rider account will also delete everything associated with your driver account. Since you can't delete just one of your Lyft accounts, it's important to ensure that you're ready to part ways with Lyft as both a rider and a driver before deleting your account.

Lyft Phone Number Support

Lyft does not provide customer support via phone, instead opting for an online-only support page. You can also utilize Lyft's in-app rider support feature.

Stock Symbol for Lyft

Lyft went public on the Nasdaq in 2019 with LYFT as the official stock symbol. The stock price was significantly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching its lowest price on March 20, 2020.

What's Cheaper, Lyft or Uber?

As of October 2021, it was reported that Uber is about 10% cheaper than Lyft on average. The competition has recently heated up quite a bit as 2021 began with the two ride-sharing companies offering competitive pricing. Lyft had been around 1% cheaper than Uber as recently as May of 2021, but over the subsequent months Uber continued to reduce pricing and it's currently significantly more expensive to ride with Lyft.

Can You Pay for Lyft in Cash?

Lyft doesn't accept cash as a valid payment method but they do allow major credit and debit cards such as Amex, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. PayPal and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are also accepted as payment methods on Lyft. This inherent preference for digital payment methods is part of what initially differentiated Lyft from a normal old-school taxi service. As a tech company born in the digital age, Lyft focused on quick and efficient transactions enabled through their mobile application.

How Much Does a Lyft Driver Make?

A recent survey found that Lyft drivers make about $17 per hour or about $35,000 annually, which is about equal to taxi drivers who earn around $19.50 per hour. In addition, Lyft drivers operate as independent contractors and may be able to reap benefits that are similar to those normally associated with small business owners.

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