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Draftkings Bonus Deposit

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports offers a signup bonus of up to $500 with promo code SAVE, while their Sportsbook product offers a bonus of up to $1,000 with the coupon code WIN. In this guide we'll break down exactly how the DraftKings Signup Bonus works and how you can maximize the amount you get when signing up.

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Draftkings Bonus Deposit - What's in this guide?

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DraftKings Deposit Bonus

In order to qualify for the DraftKings Deposit Bonus you'll need to deposit a minimum of $5 into your account and you'll then receive your signup bonus proportionate to the amount you deposited. You actually get 20% of the deposited amount as a bonus with a maximum bonus of $500. So, for example, if you deposited the minimum of $5 into your account in order to qualify for the Daily Fantasty Sports Signup Bonus, you'd get a $1 bonus and your account balance would be $6. However if you deposited $2,500, you'd get the full $500 bonus and your DraftKings balance would swell to $3,000. In order to qualify for the DraftKings signup bonus, it must be your first time depositing money into your DraftKings account.

How are DraftKings Deposit Bonuses Distributed?

Your DraftKings bonus funds are dolled out to you based on your activity on the platform. You'll need to play $25 on DraftKings to receive a $1 bonus. That means that in order to get a $10 payout, you'd need to play $250. Continuing the example, $2,500 of DraftKings play gets you a $100 bonus, and to qualify for the full $500, you'll need to play $12,500 on DraftKings.

DraftKings Deposit Bonus Expiration

You have 90 days from the day you deposited your initial funds to collect your DraftKings bonus according to the play-through schedule outlined above.

How to Cash Out on DraftKings

In order to get your money out of DraftKings, you'll need access to your account via the DraftKings App or website. Once inside, just go into your account profile and look for 'Withdraw.' You'll be able to choose the amount you want to cash out and choose your desired payout method. DraftKings payout methods include bank transfer, PayPal or check. Your DraftKings cashout will be processed within about 5 business days and may take longer to reach you depending on the processing speed of your financial institution.

DraftKings Signup

You can sign up for DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook, or Casing products by creating an account on the DraftKings website

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