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How to Get Free Rides from Uber

The most effective way to get free Uber rides is to accumulate cashback on Fluz and redeem it for an Uber gift card. Once you've done this, head over to the help section of the Uber app and enter your Fluzpay code, which will appear as Uber Cash. You can apply this to your next ride or to a completed ride by switching your payment method for a past trip.

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How to Get Free Rides from Uber - What's in this guide?

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Free Uber Rides Hack

While there is no hack to get completely free Uber rides, there is a hack that can reduce the price of your Uber ride by as much as 70%. This hack works by choosing Schedule Later instead of booking an immediate ride. When ordering an Uber, just select the small clock icon that's next to the confirm button. If you schedule your ride for even 5 or 10 minutes in the future, you'll see the price drop precipitously. Just a heads up, this hack has been discovered by Uber drivers who have started to decline these rides. So while it's very possible to save money on Uber using this method, its success is heavily dependent on whether or not a particular driver will accept your order.

Free Ride with Uber Promo Code

While there have been many defunct or fake free ride promo codes for Uber posted online, Business Insider has posted a coupon code for $25 off Uber for new riders. To redeem this code, head over to the Uber app and tap on your wallet. Then look for the Promotions section and tap on Add Promo Code. You'll see a box where you can put your NEWRIDER25 Uber promo code, and you'll then have a $25 balance to spend on future Uber rides.

Using Uber Referral Codes

As soon as you join the app, you may notice that you have a unique referral code for Uber within the Invite Friends Now area. You can then share this code with your friends and, provided that they are a new rider, you'll be credited with a referral once they enter your code and complete a ride. If you've invited someone who eventually becomes an Uber driver, you can also get credited once they've completed the requisite number of trips. Uber will notify you of any successful referrals, and you'll see a credit in the Miscellaneous or Other Payments area of your Uber app.

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