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Chipotle for Free

If you're wondering how to get Chipotle for free, your best bet is Chipotle's Free Chips & Guac offer. You can also participate in Chipotle's discount events like BOGO and Boorito. Chipotle promo codes for discounted or free food are usually part of these promotions, or you can simply cash in each year with a Free Birthday Burrito. In this guide we'll explore all the proven methods for scoring free Chipotle.

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Chipotle for Free - What's in this guide?

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Does Chipotle give you free food on your birthday?

Yes! Chipotle Rewards members are entitled to free food on their birthday. While Chipotle doesn't actually disclose the type of food you'll get in their marketing materials or terms and conditions, it's been confirmed that Chipotle's Birthday Reward is a Free Burrito. One pretty obvious hint is that their official rewards page shows a picture of a burrito wrapped in tin foil, wearing a party hat.

How to Get Free Chips & Guac with Chipotle Rewards

Apart from the recurring reward you'll get by racking up points as a Chipotle Rewards member, you'll also get Free Chips & Guac as soon as you sign up for the program and place an order for $5 or more. You'll then see a promo code within your account (usually within 48 hours), and you can apply it toward Free Guac, Free Chips & Queso, or Free Chips & Salsa. Simply join Chipotle Rewards to take advantage of the offer. It's a great loyalty program with many great benefits and, now with 17 million members, it has been exploding in popularity in recent years.

How to Get Free Chips & Guac with a Promo Code

Chipotle periodically releases its Free Chips & Guac promo, during which time you'll be able to score Chips & Guac for free by using a specially-designated promo code. To redeem this offer you'll need to send a text to Chipotle at 888-222 containing a special promo word. This word will be revealed in the promotion as the date gets closer, and once you text it to Chipotle you'll receive a coupon code for $4 off your next Chipotle order. This should cover the cost of your Chips & Guac.

Free Chips & Guac Promo Code Rules

This promotion comes with a limit of one code per customer, as defined by having a unique phone number. You can technically try to hack this if you have access to multiple phone numbers, but you should be aware that you can't combine multiple promo codes or use them with any other offer. You can check out the full offer terms on the official Chipotle website for more details.

Chipotle's Guac Mode

Chipotle's Guac Mode is another effective method of getting Free Chipotle. This is a periodic promotion for Chipotle Rewards members where you can get Free Guac, Free Toppings, or Free Queso Blanco with the purchase of a Chipotle Entree. This is a lightning promotion that ends just as quickly as it begins, with your Guac Mode bonus expiring in as little as a day after you've received it. As with many of Chipotle's other promotions, Guac Mode can't be used with 3rd party orders. You can only redeem it when ordering from Chipotle directly.

Chipotle Buy One Get One

When Chipotle's BOGO event comes around, you won't want to miss out. This promotion is held in-store only and enables you to get a 2nd free entree with your purchase of a first one. You can redeem it by simply indicating to the cashier that you'd like to participate in the promotion, and you don't even need a promo code. You'll just receive a 2nd entree absolutely free of charge. The best part is that you can redeem more than one Chipotle Entree for free during this event. There is a limit of two free items per customer, per transaction, which means you can score up to two free Chipotle Entrees with each order.

Chipotle BOGO Rules

The Chipotle BOGO event was initially held on July 6, 2021 from 3pm to closing time at certain Chipotle stores in the United States. As a wildly successful event, many Chipotle fans are hoping it makes a comeback on a regular basis. When ordering your 2nd entree, just keep in mind that it has to be of equal or lesser value to the first entree you ordered. There may also be extra charges if you're adding certain items to your entree like guacamole, queso blanco, extra meat, or other premium items.

How to Get a Chipotle Boorito on Halloween

One of Chipotle's most popular promotions is the Digital Boorito deal where you can get a free Chipotle Entree for $5. The Boorito promotion is how Chipotle celebrates Halloween and is valid from 5pm until your local Chipotle's closing time on October 31. Just enter BOORITO while ordering online or on the Chipotle App and the price of your order will be reduced. With prices this cheap, it's the next best thing to a Chipotle code for a free burrito.

Chipotle Halloween Offer Rules

During the Boorito promotion, you won't be able to combine your Free Halloween Burrito promo code with other offers. Also, keep in mind that the Chipotle Halloween offer is only valid at participating Chipotle locations within the United States. In order to redeem your Boorito coupon code, you'll have to order directly through Chipotle as the offer is not valid via 3rd party delivery platforms (i.e. Uber Eats, Doordash, etc).

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