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MyLowe's by Lowe's - What's in this guide?

Last Updated: February 4, 2024

Program Overview

For those looking to repair something in DIY fashion or simply spruce up their home, Lowe's is as dependable as you can get. With over two thousand locations you won't have to go far to reach this home-improvement haven, which contains everything from paint to patio furniture. While priding itself on its everyday value, you can get even more out of your trip to Lowe's by joining MyLowe's or MVP Pro, twin loyalty programs that will ensure you're maximizing every purchase.

These are actually two loyalty programs that run in parallel, with each one emphasizing convenience and a personalized shopping experience. The first program, MyLowe's, is geared toward everyday customers while MVP Pro caters to professional contractors with unique features like Bulk Purchasing, Pro Exclusive Pricing, and rewards tailored for businesses. In this guide we'll break it all down for you so that you can find out everything you need to know before joining.

How myLowe's Works

In January 2024, Lowe's completely relaunched their myLowe's program. The new myLowe's Rewards offers members the chance to level up through various MyLowe's Statuses, which are determined by your accumulated spending at Lowe's. These statuses not only influence the rate at which you earn points but also unlock additional benefits and offers. From Bronze Key to Silver Key and Gold Key, each status comes with its own set of unique advantages.

Here are the program highlights:

BenefitsBronze Key
Silver Key
Gold Key
Points Per Dollar1️1.251.5
Exclusive Offers✔️✔️
FREE Standard Shipping (Silver Key)+✔️✔️
FREE Member Gifts✔️✔️
Point Boosters✔️✔️
Credit Cardholder Benefits✔️✔️
Overall Rewards Value️0.5%0.625%0.75%

My Points and MyLowe's Money

As a member you'll earn points with every eligible purchase, and once you reach 1,000 points you'll automatically receive $5 in MyLowe's Money, which can be applied toward future Lowe's purchases. Members in the Bronze Key Status earn 1 My Point per dollar spent on eligible purchases, while Silver Key Status members earn 1.25 My Points per dollar spent. Gold Key Status awards the highest number of points, getting you 1.5 My Points per dollar spent on an Eligible Purchases.

MyLowe's Credit Card

Lowe's Credit Card holders will enjoy a complimentary upgrade to Silver Key status, enabling faster accumulation of MyLowe's Money. Existing Lowe's Advantage Credit Card holders will be automatically upgraded to the MyLowe's Rewards Credit Card in March 2024, maintaining their 5% everyday savings on eligible purchases while earning points and rewards.

The MyLowe's Credit Card (previously known as the Lowe's Advantage Card) is one of the more dynamic and valuable credit cards you can own. The sign up bonus provides a great initial benefit that gives you 20% off your purchase up to a $100 savings. In addition you'll get 5% off all purchases at Lowe's, 6 months of special financing on purchases of $299 or more, and the option of paying off purchases of $2,000 or more in installments over 84 months with a reduced APR.

myLowe's vs. Lowe's MVP Pro

We've recently had a lot of questions about the differences between myLowe's and Lowe's MVP Pro. Here's the main difference: While myLowe's caters to the everyday Lowe's customer, the MVP Pro loyalty program functions as a partnership between home-improvement professionals and Lowe's. Professionals in the home improvement and construction industry make up a substantial market segment, and MVP Pro is a dedicated framework that offers specialized services for these high-volume purchasers.

How Lowe's MVP Pro Works

A PRO Account is necessary to access specific Lowe's website features and programs such as Bulk Purchasing and Pro Exclusive Pricing. PRO Accounts must be registered under a business name and must have a Primary Admin responsible for creating the organization's account and inviting other users to join. In addition, only a single credit or debit card can be linked to the MVPs Pro Rewards Program for one organization.

When creating or using a PRO Account, users are automatically enrolled in the MVPs Pro Rewards Program on behalf of their business or company, but converting a Personal Account to a PRO Account can be a bit more difficult. You'll need to demonstrate that you are indeed a professional in order to create your account and start receiving the benefits. And in addition, crossing over to PRO results in the forfeiture of certain benefits that are exclusive to Personal Accounts. These include any Military Discounts, Subscriptions, and other MyLowe's benefits that you may be entitled to receive.

And while you're exploring MyLowe's, check out SoLoyal's recent blog post about the Lowe's Survey.

Add a MyLowe's Purchase

If you forgot to identify yourself as a MyLowe's member, you may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned. You can submit a request to Lowe's to claim loyalty credits retroactively.

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