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Go Rewards by Stop & Shop - What's in this guide?

How to Join & Track Stop & Shop Rewards

Join and login to your Go Rewards account. Track Stop & Shop Rewards and hundreds of other amazing loyalty programs directly through SoLoyal. You won’t need to download the Go Rewards app or login to the Go Rewards website to keep track of your Stop & Shop rewards.

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Stop & Shop Rewards Available On SoLoyal

Step #1 Open SoLoyal: Head to the SoLoyal website.

Step #2 Select Stop & Shop: Select Stop & Shop from the list of SoLoyal supported loyalty programs.

Step #3 Join Go Rewards: You’ll have the option of joining Go Rewards. You can also link your existing account.

About Stop & Shop Rewards

Last Updated: November 16, 2023

Stop & Shop has carved out a nice place for itself in the supermarket space. As a chain that is over a hundred years old, this neighborhood market has burgeoned into hundreds of locations and is known for an unbeatable selection of well-priced food, produce and other goods. Stop & Shop Rewards was rolled out as a way to keep the savings high for customers and certainly makes every trip to the register just a little more worthwhile. It's definitely worth joining for your next trip here.

Stop and Shop Go Rewards: How it works

Stop and Shop Rewards members earn 1 point per $1 spent at Stop and Shop, with other opportunities for earning bonus points from time to time. This is done via personalized offers from Stop and Shop that are sent to loyalty program members.

New Digital Kiosks

In October 2023, Stop & Shop began testing new in-store digital kiosks aimed at consumers who are considered to be “digital hesitant.” In an effort to bring these customers into the fold, these so-called Savings Stations enable Stop & Shop's GO Rewards members to activate and load their digital coupons on their loyalty card while shopping in-store. In order to take advantage of these new tools, you simply need to enter your loyalty card number or GO Rewards account phone number at the kiosk. In addition to loading digital offers, you can use the kiosks for printing member-only offers, signing up for special loyalty promotions, and even accessing recipes. Although initially tested in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, the kiosk rollout has proven successful, and Stop & Shop is looking to bring them to all their locations soon.

Here are some ways the new kiosks can help you:
  • Loyalty Program Sign-Up: If you're not already part of the GO Rewards loyalty program, you can sign up right at the kiosk and receive instant offers. This typically includes exclusive deals for members.

  • New Offers: Every time you visit the kiosk it will print out offers, getting you great new discounts each time you shop.

  • Recipes: The kiosk allows you to browse seasonal recipe ideas. You can even print out these recipes directly from the kiosk, making it convenient to plan meals based on what's on sale.

  • Activities for Kids: If you have children with you during your shopping trip, the kiosk offers activity sheets to keep them entertained while you get your groceries.

  • QR Code Activation: For those who prefer not to get a printout, you can activate your offers using a scannable QR code.

What's New at Stop & Shop?

In 2023, Stop & Shop partnered with Flashfood, a company that was created to combat the growing problem of food waste in the retail industry. The goal of the partnership with Stop & Shop is that Flashfood will enable the grocer to unload surplus food items, eventually making them available to consumers at significantly discounted prices. The partnership was rolled out to Rhode Island in January 2023 and by April it was expanded to more than 60 stores across New York.

What's New at GO Rewards?

As a response to high inflation, Stop & Shop's Deal Lock Program was recently rolled out in order to extend the window during which sale prices are valid. Shoppers taking advantage of the Deal Lock program will find that they're saving more, even above and beyond the usual GO Rewards offers. This is a great way to double dip and get a ton of value out of your next grocery shopping trip. GO Rewards members can find Stop & Shop's Deal Lock offers in the same circular that they are used to checking each week, or in the Deal Lock Offers area of the Stop & Shop website.

Stop and Shop Fuel Rewards

In addition to redeeming Stop and Shop rewards for grocery items, you'll be eligible to participate in Stop and Shop Fuel Rewards. You'll earn 10 cents per gallon for every 100 Stop and Shop Rewards points you accrue, with a maximum of 1,500 points ($1.50 per gallon) redeemed on a single visit to the pump. This part of the program is done in partnership with Shell gas stations and you can find a list of Stop and Shop Gas Rewards Shell locations on the official Stop & Shop website. In addition to earning points at Stop and Shop, you can also earn Fuel Rewards points at other locations such as restaurants and with other purchases (i.e. purchasing concert tickets as part of the Fuel Rewards program). You can then combine these points earnings and redeem them at the pump along with your Stop and Shop Fuel Rewards points. This helps maximize the value you're getting out of the Stop and Shop Rewards program.

Stop and Shop Rewards Card

As soon as you join the program, you'll be issued a virtual Stop and Shop Rewards card. This account number and its associated information helps identify you as a Stop and Shop Rewards member, but you can simply use your account-associated phone number instead. If you've got your Stop and Shop Rewards linked to SoLoyal your account information will always be handy as SoLoyal will present it to you exactly when you need it.

How to Redeem Stop and Shop Rewards

Once your Stop and Shop Rewards Points are issued, you can assign them to one of many different reward choices. You have 30 days to assign them to a reward before they expire (see points expiration below for more details). This process of assigning points to rewards is called "designation," and you can redeem a particular reward as soon as you have designated the necessary number of points.

Stop and Shop Rewards Point Expiration

Once assigned you have 30 days to redeem your Stop and Shop Rewards Points for the reward you've designated (except in the case of assigning points to special offers, which expire when the offer expires). If you don't use your Stop and Shop Rewards points within this timeframe, they will expire and they can not be recovered. SoLoyal will ensure that your Stop and Shop Rewards points do not expire by alerting you when you have points or rewards that are near their expiry date. This works not only at Stop and Shop, but at hundreds of other loyalty programs as well.

Stop and Shop Rewards Login

The Stop and Shop Rewards sign in is available on the Stop & Shop website, but SoLoyal ensures you always have your account info handy when you're shopping in-store.

Stop and Shop Rewards Customer Service Hours

You can reach Stop and Shop Rewards Customer Support from Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.  

Please note that this loyalty program typically works for all your purchases at Stop & Shop, but some exceptions may apply. And while you're exploring Go Rewards, check out SoLoyal's recent blog post about Stop & Shop in White Plains.

Stop & Shop Membership Info

When will I see my Stop & Shop Rewards Credited to my account?

Loyalty points or benefits will usually appear in your Go Rewards account within 2 days.

I forgot to add a Stop & Shop purchase. What do I do?

You may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned for a purchase.

Stop & Shop Rewards Customer Service Phone Number


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What are the Go Rewards Benefits?

Save money on gas and groceries

Redeem every 100 points for 10¢ off per gallon of gas

In-store grocery savings with reduced prices and special sales

Explore the recipe center for thousands of meal ideas.

Access to online shopping list builder

Exclusive offers, digital coupons and more

Earn money for schools of your choice with A+ School Rewards

Earn additional rewards when you dine out, book travel and more

Save for your child’s education at UPromise.com

Double manufacturers’ coupon savings

Lost key return service

What are the Go Rewards Rules?

With SoLoyal you can automatically track your Stop & Shop account, including your rewards balance, rewards or points expiration, current status and what is needed to reach your next reward as a member of the Go Rewards loyalty program.

As part of their membership program, Stop & Shop provides 1 achievable loyalty rewards. Member benefits are separate from membership rewards and are always able to be earned or redeemed based on your activity.

Go Rewards awards its members no status levels. It has 11 benefits that you’ll be able to utilize during your membership.

You can redeem every 100 points for 10¢ off per gallon of gas, up to $1.50 per gallon. The reward applies to a single vehicle at a time and there is a 20-gallon maximum per fill-up.

A+ School Rewards are points that supporters earn with each purchase made using their Stop & Shop Card. At the end of each month, the points earned are used in a calculation to determine your school’s cash total, which is then automatically credited to your school’s account.

You can support up to two schools to benefit from their A+ School Rewards that accrue.

To redeem offers and discounts, log into your Stop & Shop account and look for the My Offers page. Then click the "load to card" button. When you shop, you'll get the savings automatically.

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Go Rewards

Save money on gas and groceries with Go Rewards!

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