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Earn rewards for your purchases with Freaky Fast Rewards!

Freaky Fast Rewards by Jimmy John's - What's in this guide?

Last Updated: January 1, 2024

Program Overview

Jimmy John's has been offering up a classic dining experience for decades. With its winning combination value and price, people love visiting a restaurant for one of their famous sandwiches or using their website to check a Jimmy John's Gift Card balance. With nearly three thousand locations, it's very easy to find a Jimmy John's near you. Faithful patrons also enjoy Freaky Fast Rewards, a program that offers awesome perks and bonuses just for placing orders.

As a member, you’ll accrue credits based on your purchases, which can be redeemed for free items like sandwiches, sides, or drinks. You’ll also get exclusive offers and promotions, including a birthday treat. We’ll show you how this loyalty program works and how to get the most out of your Freaky Fast Rewards membership.

How it Works

While many loyalty programs issue points based on your overall spending, Jimmy John’s does it a bit differently. Rather than issuing points, Freaky Fast Rewards members actually get credits for each purchase made. Once you hit a certain number of purchases, you’ll be rewarded with free menu items. The advantage of a program that is structured this way is that you’ll get full credit for your purchase regardless of how much you spend. This is a great way to rack up rewards credits quickly, getting you to an earned reward relatively easily as far as loyalty programs are concerned.

Free Sub After Joining

Jimmy John's rewards its customers almost immediately after joining. When you sign up for Freaky Fast Rewards, you'll be rewarded with a Free 8-inch sub after your first purchase. After that, you'll be rewarded based on your ongoing Jimmy John's orders. The amount you earn depends on your overall order value and which items your purchase.

Birthday Reward

Jimmy John's offers a birthday reward for Freaky Fast Rewards members. While they do not disclose the exact reward or specifically when it is issued, they do clearly reference this reward on their website and within the loyalty program’s marketing materials. Birthday Rewards usually hit your account on the first day of your birthday month and are valid for up to 30 days from the date of issue. This gives you ample time to take advantage.

Program Revamp

In an effort to understand the full value of Freaky Fast Rewards, we're taking a look back on the changes that Jimmy John's made to its program recently and examining how these changes affected loyalty program members. Launched in January 2023, these changes are still very much in play. For example, new members still receive a free sandwich upon joining and placing their first order, offering instant gratification. This change was met with a very positive reaction from Jimmy John's fans and kept engagement high, right from the initial enrollment.

Achievement Badges

The introduction of achievement badges also had a noticeable impact on the program. These badges offer challenges for members to complete in order to earn unique rewards that would not be accessible otherwise. For instance, one popular challenge requires members to order all 25 core menu sandwiches in order to level up and redeem a reward. Such initiatives are sticky and, since they are typically only accessible through the Jimmy John's mobile app, members stay directly engaged with the beloved brand.

Reward Redemption

When it comes to reward redemption, the revamped Freaky Fast Rewards continues with the program's previous "mystery" rewards, which are based on the number of qualifying orders you place at Jimmy John's. This system adds an element of fun and surprise for users, which keeps the program feeling fresh throughout your membership.

Special Offers

Freaky Fast Rewards offers various discounts for members. Throughout 2023, members were able to get $5 off mobile orders of $20 or more and were also able to take advantage of "Mobile Monday," which provides $1 off on specific dates. Other promos enabled members to redeem menu sides such as a free pickle, cookie, brownie, bag of chips, or a single serving of select salads. Having proved successful in 2023, many of these deals are here to stay. One which went into effect from 1/12/24 - 1/26/24 invites members to use the promo code SANDWICHCURE, which gets you a second Regular or Giant size Sandwich at 50% off.

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If you forgot to identify yourself as a Freaky Fast Rewards member, you may be able to recover points or redeem rewards you should have earned. You can submit a request to Jimmy John's to claim loyalty credits retroactively.

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Freaky Fast Rewards

Earn rewards for your purchases with Freaky Fast Rewards!

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