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The SoLoyal Team

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How to Use Google & Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn

In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Google & Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn. First we’ll show you how to add items such as your Key Rewards loyalty account, gift cards, and special offers to your digital wallet. Then we’ll show you how to use Google Pay & Apple Pay to make purchases. Let’s take a deep dive on using Google & Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn.

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How to Use Google & Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn - What's in this guide?

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Why use Google & Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn?

Digital wallets have afforded us many advantages over the physical wallets of old, and these benefits really come in handy when shopping at Retail brands like Pottery Barn. While some people still prefer to carry an actual wallet for things like cash and coins, there are just some things that digital wallets do better. Since Pottery Barn is known for maintaining several touchpoints with its customers via loyalty offers, gift cards, and multiple payment methods, you'll want to have one central place to access and keep track of everything. That's where your digital wallet comes in.

How to Add Pottery Barn to Google & Apple Wallet

  • 1. Find Pottery Barn on SoLoyal.

  • 2. Create a new Key Rewards account, or link your existing account.

  • 3. When the linking process is complete tap 'Add to Google or Apple Wallet.'

  • 4. Key Rewards will appear in your wallet under SoLoyal.

  • 5. Your loyalty balance will be updated automatically when you shop at Pottery Barn.

Adding Items

Any dynamic information that needs to be updated frequently requires a fully-integrated digital solution, and communications from Pottery Barn are no exception. Things like your loyalty program status, gift card balances, or tailored offers all seem to fit just a little bit better in your digital wallet. Pottery Barn usually communicates this info via email or their own app and website, but those distribution channels are limited by how far we customers are willing to go in order to use them. Here are some examples where using a digital wallet at Pottery Barn gives you a distinct advantage over a physical wallet.

Adding Key Rewards Loyalty Program Info

Pottery Barn may send you loyalty account updates via email, but this is usually sorted into the 'promotions' folder along with more marketing-oriented communications from other Retail brands. Since your email service provider decides what content goes into which folder, there's a good chance you'll miss these important messages from Key Rewards. Adding your loyalty account to your Google or Apple Wallet means you'll always get important account notifications directly on your phone. You'll never miss them because no filters are applied. This means you'll take full advantage of the Key Rewards benefits like 3% back in rewards, Exclusive access, Free "Design Crew" services, The Key program works at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Mark & Graham, and Gifts & Prizes.

In addition to being sent via email, information about your Key Rewards account can also be found in the Pottery Barn app. However, with around half of all shopping being done on desktop, a large number of consumers won't even be prompted to install the Pottery Barn app. And even if they are invited to do so, only around 40% of them will complete the installation. From there, an even smaller subset will open the app and begin using it to access their loyalty information. In contrast, Google or Apple Wallet comes pre-installed on your phone so there's no cumbersome app installation process to contend with. Your Key Rewards account will be easily accessible at all times.

You'll have access to real-time information about your points, rewards, and the status levels that are offered by Key Rewards. You can see how close you are to earning your 3% back in rewards reward and how to ensure you're maximizing all your benefits. Key Rewards has 4 recurring benefits and 1 rewards that continually keep you engaged as a loyalty member. Once you add your account to your digital wallet, you'll always be kept up to date about when these rewards are coming and when they expire.

Adding Pottery Barn Gift Cards

You can also purchase and store Pottery Barn gift cards within Google & Apple Wallet. We're not just talking about barcodes that you can scan when shopping in-store. We're talking about real-time gift card balance updates that continually change as you make purchases. Currently, in order to find your Pottery Barn gift card balance you'd have to head over to the Pottery Barn website and look for their gift card balance checker tool. That's the same process for other brands such as Red Robin, Samsung, and Cold Stone Creamery. Once you find the gift card checker, you're required to enter your card's serial number and pin number in order to see your balance. Obviously this is a process that you'd be required to do over and over again in order to stay on top of your gift card balance. But integrating your Pottery Barn gift card with your Google & Apple Wallet means you just have to link the card once. After that, you'll be notified of your balance through your digital wallet's native push notifications. SoLoyal makes it really easy to do this as part of the account linking process.

Adding Special Offers from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn sends special offers as often as once every 2 days, which is typical for Retail brands. But that makes it hard to stay on top of a revolving door of promotions, especially when they're disseminated via various channels from Pottery Barn. These include SMS, email, and notifications from the Pottery Barn app. When you add Pottery Barn to your digital wallet you'll see your offers right there on your phone. And when offers change, you'll be updated immediately. This ensures you'll never miss an offer, whether it's exclusively for Key Rewards members or just a general promotion for all customers.

How to Use Google & Apple Pay at ​​Pottery Barn

Even when brands don't explicitly accept Google & Apple pay, you can usually configure your digital wallet's NFC technology in order to add a credit card and use it to pay. Pottery Barn may allow you to use your native credit card via Google or Apple wallet as long as it is properly configured. Here's how to add your credit card to both wallet types in order to pay at Pottery Barn. Contact Pottery Barn support 1-844-445-7670 with any issues.

How to Pay with Apple Wallet at Pottery Barn

  • Go to System Preferences > Wallet & Apple Pay
  • Tap Add Card
  • Follow Steps to Add a Card
  • Pay with Apple Pay at Pottery Barn

How to Pay with Google Wallet at Pottery Barn

  • Open the Google Wallet app
  • Tap Add to Wallet
  • Tap Payment card
  • Tap New Credit or Debit Card
  • Tap Save
  • Pay with Google Pay at Pottery Barn

Final Thoughts

Combining your loyalty account, gift cards, offers, and payment methods into one digital wallet can help you get the most out of being a Pottery Barn customer. Having your 3% back in rewards benefit accessible alongside other Key Rewards perks, gift card balances, and other offers can ensure you get the best deal. Add the ability to pay with Google and Apple wallet at Pottery Barn, and you've got to admit that these wallets pack a powerful punch.

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